HCG Natural Weightloss Success Stories…

Real New Zealander’s, real photos with real weightloss success stories. No glossy photoshop jobs with models here just amazing Kiwi guys and girls who are sharing their success with our natural program!
Read in these Success Stories about how our premium HCG Natural Weightloss and Graeme Jordan’s Weightloss Program has helped so many people like you lose weight naturally!

Graemes Story – Lost 17.4kg in 38 Days


I had tried to lose weight so many times over the years. Struggling with weeks of starving myself, feeling hungry all the time and having little or no energy and being grumpy to live with during the whole time of dieting. Sound familiar? Then I would quit after a lot of hard work and not seeing any results. Then in the following months the weight I had lost would pile on again. Frustration! From years of research to find a natural weightloss solution to help me with my own weight problems I finally discovered something which worked for me and I want to share it with you.

From all my research I learned some vital information from a British Doctor which I have based my program on but brought it into the future using our awesome fresh New Zealand foods to suit the Kiwi lifestyle of today. The HCG Natural Weightloss Program follows a careful, healthy eating plan of fresh, clean New Zealand foods that develops wise diet choices and the great thing is approved by Doctor Monica Lewis right here in New Zealand. After following this program 38 days later I had lost 17.4 kg. I lost 3kg in the first 2 days and that was exciting. Within a week I started to notice that a lot of the aches and pains I had were disappearing and by the time I had finished the program all the stomach problems I was experiencing daily, weekly had disappeared and I have not had any of those problems since. There are far more issues in being overweight than just the excess weight, I would just like to encourage you to get started on this program as I know it works and it will work for you, and you are going to feel so good, not just from losing the weight but a lot of your health issues are also going to disappear.



  1. No loss of muscle mass upon reaching your ideal weight.
  2. Rebuilds the Adrenal glands.
  3. Balances your hormones.
  4. Replaces good structural body fat while getting rid of the bad fat.
  5. Replaces the good cushioning “fat pad” in the body.
  6. Replaces the heel pad in the bottom of your foot in the course of treatment and eliminates pain in that area.
  7. Brings cholesterol levels down to a normal range.
  8. Eliminates double chin fat deposits.
  9. Flushes out excess fat from the body.
  10. Improves sleep with less or no snoring.
  11. Improves energy levels.
  12. Handles lethargy and depression and replaces with a new outlook on life.
  13. Raises and resets your metabolism.
  14. Gives you a whole new attitude about yourself.

So I weighed myself: 106.8 kilos

Go to the FAQ page and check your weight from our BMI page. Also enter your goal weight to check this is right for you.

I checked the chart to find my ideal weight for my height. I should be 88 kilos. I decided to take Premium HCG Natural Weightloss drops for the maximum of 40 days and follow the eating plan strictly so I could achieve my goal weight. Mentally I was also ready for the challenge and excited about ditching the bad fat for good.

REMEMBER—– Our Premium HCG Natural Weightloss drops suppress your appetite so if you follow our detailed eating plan you will find you won’t feel hungry. 70% of your calories are coming from your unwanted stored fat and in my case I had plenty of it.

Dee’s Story – Lost 7.8kg in 22 Days


Hi there!   I am Graeme’s wife Dee and I am a Mum in my late 40’s with three children.  When Graeme decided to do the 40 day program of HCG Natural Weightloss I decided I would do the program too but do it for only 20 days as I didn’t need to lose as much weight but was really excited to see how it would work for me. My usual weight which fluctuated between 50 and 52 kilos jumped up to 57.8 kilos which was alot for me – I definitely had shares in the Muffin Break!

Once I started the HCG natural drops and program I found the first three days the hardest as this was due to a change in my diet and drinking more water. What kept me focused was each day when I jumped on the scales I could see how much weight I was losing. Also I found it so simple to do and the food was easy to prepare, healthy and I saved heaps of money on my grocery bill each week! Even water tasted SWEET!.

During the 20 day program I got my period so stopped using the drops. I stuck to the foods that were allowed from the list and eating plan during this time but upped by intake of iron with more lean red meat and ate more vegetables with higher vitamin c like tomatoes and brocolli. Then I resumed the drops and carried on the eating plan.

By day 20 my weight was down to 52 kilos and when I stopped the drops and still ate normally I lost another 2 kilos. My weight has now levelled off at 50 kilos which is fantastic and I have so much more energy!  I have found it simple to maintain my current weight now my metabolism has been reset but it was really important to stick to the Maintenance program to make this happen.  The 20 day program is great for women like myself who only want to lose between 6 – 8 kgs of stubborn fat! GO FOR IT!

Meet David… A Really Special Guy Who Lost 60 Kilos Following Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program… Proud of you David!


I first heard of the Graeme Jordan HCG Natural Weightloss through a friend but didn’t really take much notice of it at the time being skeptical of different weightloss fads as I had tried different diets most of my life without any great success. It wasn’t until another friend lost 20 kilograms and had mentioned he did it on the Graeme Jordan HCG Natural Weightloss eating plan that I took notice. I’m 36 years old now and have been 120+ kilograms since 18 years of age due to my own laziness, having kids and not really making time to take care of myself. I hadn’t weighed myself for around 10 years where I weighed 126 kilograms so I thought I would have been around 135 kilograms, I was shocked and embarrassed when I hopped on the scales the day I started Graeme Jordan’s Plan to find I was now 160 kilograms! From there I set myself a goal of getting down to 95-100 kilograms. After the first 7 days I had lost 11.8 kilograms and my whole mind-set about eating, weight and health had changed. Now after finishing I have lost 31.5 kilograms and managed to lose another 4 kilograms in the maintenance period for a total of 35.5 kilograms and have today just started my second 40 day program to get to my goal weight. Things that you don’t really get told about it is the medical benefits. For the last 15 years I had suffered from chronic indigestion and heartburn and would go through a packet of Quick-Eze a day without fail, from the day I started I haven’t suffered from either and don’t have to worry about being stocked up with antacids. So thank you for reading my story and thank you Graeme Jordan for your support and great natural product. Regards, David.


Twiggy Lost over 10kgs Using 100% Pure HCG Natural Weightloss!


Hi my name is Twiggy and I am 45 years old. I have always been fit and healthy in my 20 and 30 my best part of my body I loved the most was having a flat tummy but after having my second baby at 38 I found that it was really hard to get back to the size I was before got pregnant which was 79 kgs.

I struggled to lose the weight as I went from 79kgs in 2006 and between then my weight increased slowly to 98kgs. I couldn’t get back to the size I was before I was pregnant which was really depressing me. I than took up the challenge and join weight watchers to see if I could get down in size!! After doing the program for 12 months I lost 9 kgs which was great but I still wasn’t happy with myself and with my daughter’s wedding coming up in March I needed to do something that would be easy effective and sustainable.

They year was going so fast the weight was still there and I was going to the gym and eating as well as I could!! But the areas I was working on where still not going down!! My friend than told me about Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program which is a natural way to lose weight was safe and worked.

I rang and spoke with a lady called Dee not realising she was Graeme Jordan’s wife until I got the drops and Graeme’s full Manual and read through!! When I wasn’t sure on things I would ring Dee and ask her about certain things and she would steer me back on track – great support!

I started weighing in at 90kgs and over the 21 one days I found I was loving every day following Graeme’s natural program. I could see the changes in my body daily!! I was losing my stored fats around my tummy and legs I felt like a super star! I went down to 82kgs which I was so happy, I was sleeping better, my aches and pains from pre menopause symptoms was nowhere to be felt!! My friends and family where commenting on how great I looked I was starting to get a bit shy cause how everyone was reacting to my weight lost everyone wanted to know my secret!! I said it’s no secret – I’m doing Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program.

The next stage was the maintenance program which I lost another 3kgs I was 79kgs and so happy. I had to get a new wardrobe, even had to get my rings de sized!!

I really enjoyed Graeme’s Program and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things from eating to exercise, and understanding the importance of keep fit and healthy. This was great kick start for me!! I was running home from work which took me 45 minutes I was told from my work mates I was there role model and a lot of my friends and family were inspired by me and took up Graeme’s 20 Day Weight Loss Challenge too. To this day I have maintained my weight at 80 kgs I love me being at this weight I feel and look great and am happy with how I am!!

Thank you Graeme and Dee Jordan for the kick start I needed for a Healthy life and life style in my mid 40s! Your fantastic natural program and amazing support has given me a great new start to keep my weight down and my husband loves the way I look too!


Also some important feed back from other people who have had your drops in the past and then purchased from others said that for some reason your drops work way better than others??? I say well you should of stuck with what you had in the beginning as they are the best!

Twiggy ( that is my real name too!) hahaha!


Thanks Twiggy your amazing and we are really proud of you!

Philly Lost Weight on HCG Natural Weightloss and Surprised her Husband!

Hi my name is Philly and finally after a few false starts… nothing to do with Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program, just my head and guess my heart wasn’t committed to changing my life. Since then, we sold and brought a new place and I got myself organised and brought the Chicken weighed and cooked it all and then free froze it down in a large container in the freezer.
I started my gorging 2 days before my Hubby went overseas for almost 3 weeks! Dropped him at the airport early on a Friday morning… and the weight loss journey to being happy and healthier began. Was so, so, so excited for him to see the new ‘old’ me when he came home ( I kept it a surprise)… My starting weight was as whooping 107kgs, I was horrified and didn’t start taking measurements until day 4 (which I wish I had begun at the start)
At day 12, I had dropped 8.2kgs which was amazing I was really starting to feel the difference and everyone was noticing… but I was even more excited about my measurements more than the weight really… I had taken extra measurements than in the book. 8.5cms chest, 11cm belly above my belly button. 6.5cms around where my belly button is. 4cms from my belly below my belly button. I had my boobies that sat on my belly that sat on my other belly that sat on my thighs when I sat down ewww yuck!. 14.5cm hips. 3.5cm shoulders. 4.5cm left arm. 4cm right arm. 4cm left Leg. 4cm right leg. 2cm from neck.
This ‘diet’ – Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss has changed my life, I have so much more energy and I’m actually happier. The diet has been challenging at times, but it really made me realise that I emotionally eat and I eat when I’m bored. The meals that I used to have – ie Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner where healthy with a few twicks… but my god did I did snack badly and excessively. To stop the wanting to eat EVERYTHING, I drank more water or a black coffee. Plus in the almost 3 weeks hubby away I painted fence, organised all the wardrobes in the house, the linen cupboard (it’s so pretty, I dont even want to close the doors lol!) the clockroom and the whole house got what you’d call a ‘spring clean’. I have so much more energy, I can actually run around with by 2.5 year old daughter thru the park and we actually get out and do more together because I’m not horrified about the way I look.Hubby came home on day 19 – I lost 11.1kgs. Chest 11cm. Ab Belly Button 10cm. Belly Button 11cm. Belly below belly button 8cm. Hips 18cm. Shoulders 11.5cm L arm 7cm. R arm 5.5cm. L Leg 11cm. R Leg 12cm. Neck 3.5cm. My husband was totally shocked, he actually stood with his mouth open blinking… it made me feel amazing!

Easter came and we had friends over and we went out for Lunch, I was so on focus… ordered the light meal of fish cooked with no butter or oil just grilled. Then I went to the salad bar, lettuce and tomato and cucumber was doing really good… then I thought oh egg salad just one little piece of egg salad will be fine – yeah right. Was so delish I went back and had about 1/4 cup of it, then added a few picked onions, gerkins and cauliflower and cheese sauce. So then of course I had the 2 potato croquettes that came with the fish. By the time we got back home – 40mins later I was starving (go figure) said I need to eat, cause I felt like utter crap, had a litre of water and my 100gms of chicken between 2 pieces of bread with cheese and tartare sauce. I sat on the couch and had such a splitting head ache, my eyes actually hurt to move in their sockets. We put our little girl to bed and I had to go to sleep for 3 hours… I felt horrible when I woke and still had a sore head and eyes. The 2 days was a spiral and it then took me 5 days to lose the weight I had gained by being naughty. But I tell you what I so taught me a lesson that I will not let happen again. Binge eating is so, so, so, bad!

Today I feel amazing and confident having lost 12.8kgs. Chest 11cm. Ab belly button 27.5cm. Belly Button 19cm. Below belly button 11cm. Hipps 20cm. Shoulders 13.5 Left Arm 10.5cm. R Arm 6.5cm. L Leg 11.5cm. R Arm 15cm. Neck 4.5cm.

My biggest changes that I have noticed other than the weight on the scales and the difference on the measuring tape is – I have PCOS and Endo, my black colour under my arms has gone. I no longer snore, not as moody. And the first time EVER without fertility drugs I had a 28 day cycle. I am so much closer to my goal weight and being able to hopefully being blessed enough to have another little bundle to call me Mummy.

Thank you so much for all your support Graeme Jordan and HCG Natural Weightloss, you this amazing program have changed my life, my daughters and husbands forever!

Tanya Lost 20.5kgs on Her Amazing HCG Natural Weightloss Journey – What a Special Lady She Is!


Hello, my name is Tanya and I am 45 years old. I visited my doctor with a sore back he took one look at me and said there was more going on so after a series of blood tests he diagnosed me with early menopause, pre-diabetic, minor kidney infection and being overweight. Believe me it was a shock, to be honest quite devastating. I knew that things had got bad but I had not realised that it had gone this far. So here I am overweight, knowing that I had been there and done that and I was still fat. For three months I worked very hard and managed to lose 6.9 kg. I was delighted and decided that I needed to continue. I spoke to my sister who told me about Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program, she had done the 20 day program and had lost 10 kg and she looked fantastic.
Realising that my metabolism had gone into hibernation and I needed help, I found the courage and emailed Graeme and Dee. Straight away they put me at ease. It felt right, there was no pressure. I didn’t have to pay a weekly fee to be told I could get better, I didn’t have to be weighed weekly in front of others, I didn’t have to explain myself to people who only saw me as number. I was in control also it was completely approved by Doctor Monica Lewis..
Like most people I was sceptical, how could this program make me lose weight. Let me assure you that everything that Graeme and Dee have documented is true. The beauty of this program is that you are in control. With determination and a strong conviction you too can achieve this.
I have always been frightened of the scales, I was only told how much I weighed back in September in late January this year, after I had completed the first 20 days, I had hit 103.5 kg, not good for someone short like me. No wonder my doctor was so concerned. This hasn’t been the easiest thing that I have ever done however I took hold of this challenge and ran. This program is not for the faint hearted in order for you to be successful you must stick to the Graeme’s plan and keeping in touch really helped too. If you can’t, the only person you are cheating is yourself. Making excuses doesn’t help either. You have to be brave and simply just go for it.

I completed the 40 day plan and the maintenance phase and I feel amazing. The health benefits have been astounding and yip I’m a smaller and a better me. To date I now weigh 83 kg, I have lost a grand total of 20.5 kg plus 15.5 inches from head to foot. Just amazing and to be honest not that difficult now that I understand Graeme’s program and my body. I’m taking a break now, I’ve seen my doctor and he has said,” keep doing what you are doing because you look awesome” plus all my blood test have come back normal. In 2 months I have transformed my body and with this I have become more confident and to be honest I have never been so happy in my life. In 6 weeks I plan to do another 20 day program. My goal is 75 kg and even though I have already completed the first program I am still losing weight. I’m exercising and finally enjoying life.
So please if any of my story sounds similar to yours then please pick up the phone or simply email Graeme and Dee and start this new journey and discover the real you! It’s time! Thanks so much Graeme and Dee for all your support and fantastic weightloss program!

Jalaine Lost 20kgs and Changed her Life!


OK, so I don’t like having my photo taken but it isn’t hard to see how my journey with your incredible product and supportive programme has gone. My first phone call to you was the day after I realized that I was now going to need size 18 clothes. I was devastated, I am sure that I had tried every diet and gym programme know to man but I just continued to get bigger. The first photo was taken on 27 Sept when I weighed 93.2kgs I was really shocked to see it as I had found I have avoided the camera for a very, very long time. When I first started I wondered if something so easy would ever be effective, yet from day 1 the scales don’t lie. The second shot was at the end of my first 40 days when I lost an incredible 14kgs and was now getting into many size 14 clothes. This had always been my goal but after my 6 week break, I knew I could do better. Enjoying a wonderful Christmas and New Year I was shocked to notice my weight was stable even after enjoying my families usual abundance! This last photo was taken on 19 Feb 2012 after 30 days on my second cycle. I have discovered the joy of shopping when you can fill the changing room with size 12 clothes and fit it all.! I now weigh 72.4kgs after only 4 months of discovering your product and program.

Jalaine_afterThanks Graeme & Dee for all your support. You have changed my life for good and for so many of my friends and collegues that I have introduced to your fantastic program.
Jalaine Armstrong


Christine’s Story… Lost Weight & Got Rid of Reflux at the same time…

I was introduced to HCG Natural Weightloss and Graeme’s Program by my sister’s friends who had done the 20 day programme and had lost between 8-10kgs.
I am definitely someone who is results driven and after seeing their weight loss I opted to give it a go. My goal was to look and feel great for Conference in Rarotonga and the few days that I was going to have in Aitutaki afterwards.
After turning 40 and giving up smoking in 2009 I had struggled to lose even a few kilos despite numerous diet/exercise regimes attempts and had often given up after a few weeks with no results.
On Graeme Jordan’s Weight loss Program I lost weight immediately (which kept me motivated) and I can honestly say that I never felt hungry the whole time. I lost 8.5kgs on the 20 day diet and feel fantastic. It was one of the easiest and most effective diets I have ever done. I have received so many compliments and feel like a new person. It is amazing what a difference it has made to how I feel.
I had been suffering from reflux for several months previously and it stopped immediately on the diet.
Numerous friends are now on it as well as clients that I have recommended it to. Everyone has lost weight. If only we had discovered it earlier….. thanks Graeme!


Kiwi Travel Guru – Christine Davis

DDI +64 4 470 7646

MOB  +64 (0) 21 740 736

Email – christine@kiwitravelguru.co.nz

Website- www.kiwitravelguru.co.nz


Alan’s Story: Lost 17kgs in over 40 Degree Heat!



Hey I’m Alan and I have just done Graeme’s program and all I can say is Fantastic! I started out weighing 89kgs and have lost 17kgs and my weight has now stabilized at 72kgs. I am living in Dubai where the temperature is always hot. Before I was carrying around all that excess fat and always felt lethargic and tired. I now feel so much lighter and have noticed my energy levels are back to 100%. Now when I go for a swim in the pool I feel confident and not worried about the bad fat hanging out! I also feel and look so much younger! Thanks Graeme & Dee, the best thing I have ever done, changed my life forever. Just do it! ..Alan Dubai

Eugene Bareman – Cage Fighter back in shape in 20 days!


“Thanks for getting me back to my fighting weight in just 20 days. After breaking my leg in May last year I gained 13 kilos. Must admit I was pretty sceptical about the Graeme Jordan Weightloss program working without me having to work my butt off. In fact I didn’t do any training! Unbelievable and it worked for me!”

Eugene Bareman is a cage fighter known as the ‘One Man Army’ and is the holder of numerous national titles in different styles weight divisions since 2001. (Thanks to Rogue for the photo)


Phil’s Story… Lost 18kgs & Has More Energy!


When Graeme introduced me to his program I was really sceptical as I had tried heaps of diets before and nothing had worked for me. My doctor told me I needed to lose some weight so I decided to give it a go when my wife Wendy said she was going to do it too. I was amazed as straight away the weight started falling off me every day. I found Graeme’s program easy to stick to and I didn’t feel hungry. After 40 days I had lost 16.4kgs and have since lost another 1.6kgs – total 18kgs of fat which I still can’t believe. I lost 14cm off my chest, 18cm of my waist and 12cm off my hips. I have more energy, I feel lighter, I don’t pant anymore and I can see my feet again. I am so pleased that Graeme’s program worked for me now I am going to have a break and then do the 20 day program to get to my goal weight. Thanks Graeme & Dee for helping me to get healthy, get into my jeans again and have more energy. Phil.




Wendy’s Story…Lost 11.7kgs & Now I Have a Waist!


I am so amazed at my weight loss and I now feel fantastic. Graeme’s program was easy to do and doing it with my husband Phil was great. It was interesting seeing how different our weight loss was each day. I lost a lot more in cm’s, 11cm off my bust, 15cm off my hips and 22cm off my waist. I now have a waist which I have never had. I am enjoying getting back into jeans and clothes I haven’t been able to wear for years. I am so impressed with Graeme’s program like Phil I am going to do the 20 day program and get to my goal weight. Thanks Graeme & Dee for helping us lose the weight! Wendy.


Bonita’s Story…WOW! l lost 11.5kgs working in a wine shop

Bonita’s Story… Bonita in her Skinny Jeans and Boots after losing 11.5kgs!

Hi my name is Bonita Harris and I live in Little Manly, Whangaparaoa. I decided to do Graeme’s program as I had seen wonderful results from Graeme and also my sister in law. I just wanted to feel and look as good as they did so I geared myself up. It took a few months to get myself fully prepared to do this huge challenge, occassions kept coming up for eating and drinking and I didn’t want to miss out! One morning I woke up and I knew it was the right time for me. As I work at Manly Liquor shop with wine and snacks all around me I new I had to be strong. My friends, family and the people I work with at Manly Liquor shop were and have been my rock through this. Always giving their support and encouraging me as I and they could see my body changing shape. At the end of the program I have lost 11.5kgs and stil losing weight now. I have gone down two dress sizes and a shoe size, unbelievable where you store the bad fat! I feel and look great and Graeme’s program has been one of the best things I have done for myself especially losing my bum and my tum! I am having fun with my new wardrobe and have learnt what foods I should be eating again. So go for it, is so worth it! You can do anything for 20 or 40 days if you really want to. Thanks so much Graeme -” The first and last diet I will ever do!”
Bonita Harris.


Jo Lanigan’s Story…


The three best things I have ever done in my life was marry my Kiwi husband twenty eight years ago, move to New Zealand and the Graeme Jordan Natural Weight Loss program. People always thought I was tall and slim. I thought so too!
But the fact is I hid it well with the way I dressed. When I took my photo, prior to the diet I couldn’t believe how overweight I was! I was amazed how I just didn’t see myself the way I actually was. The photo was not a good look!!!
I have lost 8kgs on the program and I now weigh 54kgs. I feel fantastic! I am sleeping better, less stressed and feel so good about myself.
If you follow the program, to the letter…it works!!! It’s such a short time to be disciplined to create everlasting results.
Thanks for all your support Graeme & Dee!!

Jo Lanigan
Lifestyle Specialist/Residential Sales



Neil’s Story- Lost 15.7 Kgs in 38 Days!



Hi everyone thanks for taking the time to read my testimonial.

I decided to do the HCG weightloss programme that Graeme introduced me to. I was pretty sceptical at first, but after the first week and nearly four kgs loss I discovered this was the program for me. I started on 98.3kgs and after 6 weeks of the protocol I am now sitting on 82.6kgs and feeling fantastic.

2 years ago I was sitting with my doctor talking about hip replacement as I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left hip joint. I can now report that I’m running around like a spring chicken and enjoying my children as opposed to fobbing them off when wanting me to play with them.Since I’ve been off the HCG I’m more aware of my body and how it operates, so if I’ve eaten too much crap, I just get back on the water and within a couple of days I’m back to my 82.6kgs.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Graeme and Dee for introducing me to the HCG Protocol, it’s given me my life back and changed me forever.

Regards Neil Morrison

Sparklewhite Teeth North Auckland



Brent’s Story – 6-pack at 56 Years of Age?


When Graeme introduced his program to me it all made sense. For the last 10 years I’ve slowly but surely been turning my tummy into a keg! (I love wine…) Even though I exercise it just kept creeping on.

After 15 days I’d lost 6 kilos and dropped 2cm on my waist. My bodyfat has gone from 23.2% to 17.5%!

3 more kilos and here’s the 6 pack! (By the way – I’ve never had one before!!!!

Brent Owairaka


Mike and Deb’s Story – Lost 20.5 kgs Together!


We both did Graeme’s program at the same time which was great as we were able to support each other and share the excitement of the morning weighing! We really took it on board and day by day we were rewarded with the weight loss and reshaping we were so focused on achieving. I was 92.1 kilos and Deb was 60.2 kilos when we started and now we have finished I am 80.4 kilos and Deb is 51.7 kilos.

The program was easy to do once we got organised and we found this spreadsheet really helped us to know where we were and keep on track. It was safe and simple to do and we both understood so much more about the foods we eat and how important drinking lots of water is. It has helped us with getting rid of that stubborn fat especially around the stomach, we feel so much happier about ourselves and now we definitely have new thoughts on how we eat”.

Thanks again guys for this opportunity, we are so grateful and has really changed our outlook on things for the better!.

Roman and Wendy’s Story – Helped with Diabetes!

Thanks for changing MY LIFE….. and that’s no joke.

Second…. losing 10kgs in 8 weeks from 97 down to 85 has been BIG….As Well as going from a 97 waist tight to an 87 ezyfit …..even better is, after having been diagnosed as a TYPE 2 DIABETIC 16 MONTHS AGO. Thanks to the HCG Lifestyle my morning reads (which low reads are hard to maintain) have come down from 9s to 17s down to consistent 6s and 7 and stay that way through the day. Mix that up with a lot of walking and keeping as physical as life allows and at least 4 litres of water a day.

As an ordinary everyday working Joe blow I gotta say this genuinely works!. It is as close as I am ever gonna get to maintaining a lifestyle that works easily…..is flexible..(you can have your cake…eat it…and then go straight back on it… and within a day or two your back to the weight you want to maintain???? Doesn’t make you tired or listless or stressed and practically gives back some of that lost youth that processed foods over time seemed to have taken from you!. My partner Wendy too has had better than amazing results….specially considering she only has one kidney and while she lost differently to me because of age-weight-metabolism and because shes a babe she has lost 10 kgs as well.

Other things like strength vitality awareness and sense of well being that we haven’t had since younger days or possibly not ever felt this good. Ongoing she is 54.5 kgs from 65kgs now holding and I am 84.8kgs and holding now we’re thinking a sixpacking and toning. Laugh just thinking about it. And oh yeah it’s actually fun not hard to do and once you get past all the familiar cravings and replace it with regular good eating habits, water and exercise you won’t even know yourself.

Anyway my name is George ‘Roman’ Rudolph 52 years old and now a believer in miracles, stay tuned updates coming with pix.


Jill’s Story – Lost 12.5 kilos of bad fat!


I started Graeme’s programme at 81Kg. Purchased digital scales after first week and weighed 77kg on Day 7 – a loss of 4kg. It was easy to remember to take the drops and good to weigh myself every morning. Very exciting to see so much difference in such a short time. Stayed on the drops for 40 days – 70.5kg on Day 40. Lost another 2kg at end of 21 days so now weigh 68.5kg. For 35 days I did no exercise at all, but my body really changed shape and now looks sculpted around my ribs and back. This has been great for getting rid of cellulite too. I have so much more energy, depression has lifted, smiling lots more and even the fat around my face as gone – wow 12.5 kilos of fat gone!. I was taking aloe vera juice to help with indigestion and haven’t needed it since the first week on the drops.

Corinne’s story – Lost 15.1 kilos in 6 weeks!


Thanks for introducing me to your Natural Weightloss program!. I started the program on the 2nd January 2011 this was the year I wanted to lose weight and keep it off, three days into the program I couldn’t believe my eyes after gorging myself for 2 days and I still lost weight and kept losing without feeling hungry, grumpy, lethargic or tired. I was definately hooked and excited at the prospect of losing some weight before going on holiday and that I did 6 kilograms in 12 days and feeling the best I have in my entire life. I have been overweight since I was a teenager and was sick of doing diet after diet and not getting anywhere, this is the best thing that I have ever done in my life and I am so grateful that you introduced me to HCG Natural Weightloss.

I found by the 24th day of my 40 day program I already have had so many benefits: I am extremely positive, have a huge amount of energy, I’m up really early and get so much done before I could never get out of bed and was always tired and couldn’t sleep at night, I concentrate better, I drift off to sleep with ease and wake up energized, Not hungry and I have no hunger pains which I had on other diets and then ended up giving up and putting the weight back on and more!, I feel so much happier within myself, I am extremely focused, I am not negative about anything anymore, I don’t worry so much as I have always been a worrier, my hair is in better condition, I can cook food without picking, I love getting on the scales every morning and I can keep up with my energetic grandchildren.

All I can say to anyone who wants to lose weight just do it don’t wait it will be the best decision you ever make. I sincerely wish anyone who starts the HCG Natural Weightloss program all of the success that I have enjoyed. This programme has changed my life forever!

Here I am 6 weeks on, losing 15.1kgs that is 33.2 pounds of stubborn fat. I have lost 6 inches off my waist, 7 inches off my navel, 5 inches off my hips and 3 inches around my bust. It just feels amazing to finally rid myself of all that extra stubborn fat that I have tried to lose since I was a teenager… Thanks Graeme for HCG Natural Weightloss and your program which helped me achieve my struggle with my weight loss.


Lemke’s Story – lost 5kg…


I started the HCG weightloss program 5 months after I had my baby. I struggled to lose the last 5kg to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. As I don’t possess much will-power to stick to any diet I was amazed how quick I saw results and how easy it was. It kick-started with a loss of 5kg in the first 10 days!! The fast results motivated me to continue with the program to lose another 5kg so I can wear a bikini with confidence on the beach this summer.

My daily menu: Fruit – I have an omelette made with onion and tomato or salad for lunch and lean meat with heaps of steamed vegies for dinner. As snacks I have tea, strawberries or an apple . The drops take away any feeling of hunger or cravings.

I would recommend the HCG weightloss program to anyone who like me wants to lose the stubborn kg’s to look fit this summer with no exercise!


Chrissy’s Story – Lost 10kgs and helped with Menopause!


“I started taking Graeme’s program because I had been struggling and worrying about the weight I was starting to put on due to starting the menopause. I have lost 10 kilos and now weigh 55 kilos!! I look and feel so much better. I found Graeme’s program so easy to do and I slept really well while on it. I love it because I can fit into my favourite clothes that were too snug on me. Plus I have also found my weight has stablized because the program has reset my metabolism and has really helped re-educate me on what foods I should be eating. I have more energy and feel so much better about myself. The programme really helped me with the menopause and I highly recommend it to any women like myself who need to lose the stubborn weight. It is a safe and simple way to jump-start to a healthier lifestyle! JUST DO IT!” Chrissy.


Brenda’s Story – I lost 7kg Over Christmas


I lost 7kgs over Christmas!
It works! In the last 2 years I ‘d had some health issues and gained 13kilograms. My doctor had prescribed tablets to get my blood pressure down from 160/95. And in Novermber I broke my ankle! Starting on Graeme’s program just before Christmas I lost 5kgs in 5 days!
This stabilized over the next 2 weeks to still average out at 500grams a day – fantastic! Most importantly the fat places I hated on my body have disappeared and my blood pressures is now 120/75! Thanks Graeme!
Brenda Mt Albert







brenda after


Cathy’s Story- 80 Years Old- Lost 10 Kgs!

I was due to go into hospital to have a major operation. Being 80 years old and having no energy I was trying to lose weight with no luck. (Probably to do with the swelling in my leg) I was given the drops and guide and lost 10kilograms in 8 days! My tummy has disappeared and my legs are looking lovely and slim again. I’m at the same weight I was when I got married!!”

Emma’s Story … I have never stuck to any diets but this one! …

Good morning Graeme & Dee,
Well I am on day 25 and really starting to see some awesome results, so much so that I have everyone wanting to give it a go. I am so so pleased you came into my life, it has made a huge impact on my life and the way I feel about myself. Crazy stuff really.
Any of my close friends could tell you I never EVER!!!!! stick to diets because of my love of food which is why I got so big. This one has been surprisingly simple and easy
enough to stick to. Being 100% focused has helped in a big way too.
Any way back to me I am now 80.2 WOW!!! I am just stoked about where the extra fat has come off…… all those places you never really thought it would, or it would take months and months of training at the gym and dieting!!

Thanks heaps Graeme and Dee

Wendy’s Maintaining!

The true success of this diet is keeping the weight off after you have finished. I reached my goal weight of 53kg back in Feb and have maintained that weight. Even get to have my cake and eat it too!!!

Jodie says …..


I’ve just finished the Graeme’s 20day course, and lost 6.5kg……am thinking I might do it again in 6weeks time after maintenance, as I know I can do it bettter, but am still stoked with my results…! This stuff is BRILLIANT!!!

Linda Lost 8.5kgs so far …


I have lost 8.5 kg so far on Graeme’s program and am feeling fantastic. I am thinking that after maintenance will do again. This stuff is the best and is all that you said it would be! Fantastic !!!!!!

Sandra Says …


I am back in jeans – yay so happy …………………….

And …


Hubby did the 20 day protocol – lost 10.1 kgs – looked sexy (in my opinion) but best of all re did his cholesterol test that had come back high 2 months previously and now has a wonderful healthy result. Doctor tried to give him tablets to fix it and I would not let him take them until after doing the HCG 20 day protocol and Graeme’s program to prove a point. Diet is key to all health issues!

Mark’s Second time on HCG and Loving it …


Hiya Guys I did Graeme’s program and have lost 15.5 kgs in 20 days and feel great – this is smashing good stuff. Am back doing it again for 40 days and will let you know how I go.

Jacqui Lost 14kgs!

Hi Guys I have completed Graeme’s program and I feel I wanted to share with you my success! I have officially reduced my weight by 14k and have gone from a size 18 jeans to a loose fitting size 12 jeans. I must have stopped the drops nearly six weeks ago and so am very keen to go for a second session. I will be aiming for 12 – 14k again and hopefully I will be in a size 8 jeans! Yah!!! I can’t wait! Will keep you posted, Jacqui

Leigh Lost 7.4kgs

I finished my 20 days (well more like 30 but who’s counting) lost 7.4kgs and 35cms on Graeme’s program, whoo hoo!!! Now to be honest I did take more measurements than suggested but since I’m a pear shape most of my trouble spots are further south than my hips……lol. But all in all very happy with my results 🙂 Leigh

Lynn says ‘I will do this again for summer’

I came down 5kg to 70.5kg over the 20 days which was great. I hadn’t told my husband what I was doing and he did comment that I was looking trimmer!
Have been off the drops for a week now and there has been a bit of up and down but seem to have stabilised at around 71.5kg. The odd lapse with a “treat” makes a noticeable difference!! So I am trying to be very good with my eating habits and the water intake over the rest of the maintenance period and beyond. It really isn’t that hard and it just goes to show we are what we eat! Thanks Graeme and Dee for introducing me to your program I will do it again before summer.