Simple Green Smoothies Using Nutri Bullet

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Simple Green Smoothies Using Nutri Bullet

Here’s my secret recipe to a life time of living happy, thin and free. I discovered using the NutriBullet  to whizz up simple green smoothies using only fresh NZ greens and fruits is a vital part of my Maintenance Phase in my Eating Plan and once you do this you will make it part of your life forever like we have.

Here’s how….

If you are anything like me running late but need something to take and go here’s my secret breakfast smoothie which is purfect during Maintenance after doing my Graeme Jordan HCG Natural Weightloss Programs:

50% Greens 50% Fruit add water or coconut water plus 1/4 cup of nuts and seeds if you want, blast it up and enjoy! Here’s how:

Add 2 cups of greens :

graeme jordan weightloss nutri bullet for weight maintenance

Ripped Silverbeeet, Spinach or Kale

sprig of parsley

1 celery stick or whatever you have!

Add some fresh fruit:

1 Large Apple

red grapes or fresh berries


1/4 cup of nuts or seeds or rolled oats if you desire

Whizz until smooth – Voila!


Dee and I have been making simple green smoothies for more than 5 years now using our old blender until we got the NutriBullet and it is has been life changing. Everything you hear on the TV ad about the NutriBullet is true and more. It does have the power to unlock the hidden nutrition inside the food we eat. Beware of imitations though this is definitely the real deal so please check it out here to get all the info and more awesome recipes right here for your long term health. Remember all you need to do it have one Simple Green Smoothie a day during the Maintenance Phase and keep it up everyday to change your weight, your life and how you feel about yourself forever. So how great would you feel if you did my program, got down to your ideal weight and maintained it with my Maintenance Program making one Simple Green Smoothie a day using your NutriBullet? Let me know personally by giving me a call on 0800 777 848 anytime.