Getting Started with HCG Natural Weightloss

A positive mental attitude is vital for you to succeed and get the results you want.

Take a photo of yourself before you start and record your current weight. Also take a photo of yourself at the start of each week once you start and record your weight so you can see how much weight you have lost each week you are on Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program. Also measure yourself and record these too.
Go through the recipes and purchase some of the foods so you have them on hand in your fridge and pantry. Make sure you have a good electronic weighing scale to weigh yourself on. You will need to weigh yourself first thing in the morning with no clothes on after using the toilet. Record your daily weight. Also have kitchen scales which measures in 100grams (I purchased some from the Warehouse for $8.50) so you can measure your daily allowance of protein. Make sure you get plenty of sleep while on Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program. Drink a lot of water daily – as this will help flush out your system of the unwanted fat that is broken down. Avoid using any products with fat and oil for example lanolin based lotions and oil based cosmetics. This is to avoid gaining weight by the absorption of these products through the skin by the body.

Healthy Eating Do Not Cheat!

This can set you back several days of weight loss. You need to follow the exact eating plan to get the best weight loss results.
Motivation: You will be losing 1 – 2 pounds per day (.4 – .9kgs) over 3 – 4 weeks – is it worth it? Yes you will be amazed each morning as you weigh yourself and the pounds drop off. You will begin to feel more motivated to get active and you will have more energy.
To lose weight is a huge accomplishment especially for people who suffer from diabetes or obesity. You will be so proud of yourself if you are honest and give HCG Natural Weightloss Program 100% for 3 -4 weeks. You will be living proof that it works and love the new you!

Introducing Dr Monica Lewis MB ChB

We are passionate about helping you achieve your weight loss goal and as part of our on-going quest for excellence in making sure our hcg diet program is all natural and works more effectively we have been fortunate to have the support of Dr Monica Lewis MB ChB.

hcg graeme jordan weightloss and Dr Monica Lewis MB ChB

Dr Monica Lewis is well known for her holistic approach helping the whole person’s well-being and treating and preventing chronic and hormonal issues.
Dr Monica Lewis with her medical and scientific background has reviewed our programs and sees they fit into the most important first steps in getting your body back into balance. She has these points to share:
“First, I see Graeme Jordan’s HCG Natural Weightloss Program as a treatment to deal with a specific serious and chronic recurring health problem of the modern world. How to lose the unsightly dangerous fat typically around the middle of the body, when dieting is known not to work here. To raise the metabolism and to reduce this unsightly fat permanently in a short space of time is so motivating that people find they can easily adhere to the program for the few weeks required. The white and deadly foods in so many diets are not there, along with gluten and flour nor are other foods that spike the blood sugar. Dangerous fats are also excluded. Instead a wholesome diet of small amounts of lean proteins, a huge volume of vegetables and salads, as well as low glycaemic fruits, make this a very balanced short term successful hcg diet program which Graeme has brought up to date focusing on New Zealand fresh foods and I highly recommend it for everyone in New Zealand who wants the best way to lose weight naturally”