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Phone 0800 777 848 for Graeme Jordan HCG Diet. 100% Pure HCG no synthetics, a safe and natural Doctor approved Diet

Graeme Jordan HCG Diet is:

  • NZ owned with the original all- natural potent premium grade HCG diet drops, helping New Zealanders lose weight safely
  • Works as effectively as the original HCG injections
  • Made from a top FDA Lab in the States which we align ourselves with
  • Acts fast and is safe without any of the side effects often related to taking other Weight loss drugs.
  • Is Doctor approved by Dr Monica Lewis MB ChB
  • We stand by our proven Graeme Jordan HCG Dietproduct 100% and our complete eating plan and offer our full support 24/7


Benefits to you are:


  • Reset your control panel fast and kick start your body back working how it should be naturally and healthy  
  • A fast, safe and proven natural way to lose weight based on clean, fresh NZ lean proteins, power fruits and vegetables 
  • Once you finish start exercising if you want to and continuelosing weight naturally
  • Maintain and stabilize your new healthy weight with our proven Maintenance Plan


Call us personally on 0800 777 848 to start your journey
with us we offer you our full support and 100%



Graeme before and after results

Graeme is living proof losing 17.4 kilos (38 pounds) of stubborn fat in 38 days! ...Read his story now!


Graeme Jordan HCG Diet Natural Weightloss is the only natural plan which focuses on resetting your master gland – the Hypothalamus Gland to get your body burning fat efficiently and working to its full potential again. Did you know it is your body's main control centre and is located below the Thalamus, just above the brain stem. By taking my premium potent HCG Diet drops and following my proven eating plan you will learn how to create new eating habits for life as this is such a powerful, unique plan.You have nothing to lose but fat and extra weight so reset your master gland – thehypothalamus gland. Remember you can do anything for 20 Days! Focus for a short time, shed the weight and keep it off for the long term and I'll be there supporting you every step of the way with my solid support system and Maintenance Program. I give you my 100% guarantee that you will lose weight if you follow my plan correctly and keep in touch with me. HCG Natural Weightloss focuses on eating real fresh, New Zealand lean proteins, power vegetables and fruits, all perfect for the Kiwi Lifestyle today and perfect for people who want to kick start their weight loss naturally.


This is...'The last diet you ever need to do" Graeme Jordan


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